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im having a bi-polarrr day.

ive had a weird/ bi-polar day.
it seems like the whole world is Coupled up.
but me. I mean all im looking for is...

A guys who's loving.
A Christian.
Loves my family and friends.
Listens to the same music as i do.
who will go to church with me.
has pretty teeth.
someone who likes to cuddle.
good looking wouldn't hurt.
i really like dreads [but i can do w/o if i have to]
gives kisses on the forhead.
tattoos are cute& shows there artistic.
will go to shows with me.
someone who will eat @ vegetarian restaurant with me.
who likes to hold hands everywhere.
they must be nice caring/compassionate.
my Dad must approve.
someone who could careless about my past.
loves coffee just as much as i do.
likes to go shopping with me.
that doesn't mind that i have days where im w/ my friends only.
someone who's taller then me.
has a style of there own.
likes dog's & will go to the bark park.
someone who doesn't mind that my bestfriend is a guy.

thats all im looking for. =]

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