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Today was amazing. It was just one of those day's when
everything went right. there wasn't a moment
today that I wasn't happy.

I called Carmen because we always have lunch
and coffee on Thursdays. Well, Sam and Perry wanted
to join. so we said why not, the more the merrier we
went to Elizabeth's pizza and it was amazing as
always. Perry sat across from me and kept
hitting my feet [i hate people
touching my feet]
, and Sam kept
telling Carmen that when she
eats she winks there so weird.

then i went home and chilled for a little bit.
then an old friend got on-line. and i haven't
talked to her in about a year. and for some reason
i felt like i should IM her. so i did, and now we have
a coffee date and it kinda scares me a little
see the reason why we're not friends is because i didn't
want to be like her anymore [or everyone else]. she's really
preppy, her parents have lots of money and she try's to control everyone. we where friends all through high school then i woke
up one day and i didn't want to be her puppet anymore.
she didn't like that i was changing so much. and
then we had a big falling out. after i
stopped being friends with her i
really started to find "THE REAL ME".
i didn't need her anymore. I know im better off
not being her friend but i feel so sorry for her.
she has know one.and i know it's her falt.but i just feel bad.

After all that went down today i went
to get dinner with Miss Emily. who i love
so much. then a bunch of us went to the Wrestling
match to see Kyle Kanaga[he's number one in
state and he's a friend] i was so excited
to see him Wrestle. but then after i started
watching i got upset. they where really hurting each other.
i mean i know its not fake like on TV but i just
didn't think they would be that rough. i really almost
cry, there was even one guy bleeding. so to lighten
the mood Carmen and I started making fun of them. not
in a mean way. but we where making up new names
for the moves they where doing like "leap frog"
and other crazy names. so i was feeling a
little better about all the violence. then it was
Kyle's turn and i was so excited. and my mood changed
completely before i was like "awe ... your hurting
" then when Kyle was Wrestling all i
could think was "get em Kyle, take him down"
how crazy is that. and when he won i was jumping up and
done screaming like an idiot. after the match we
went back to Emily's and watched the OC. i have never
really been an OC fan till tonight.
im so in love with Seth.
he's the cutest guy in the world.

That's all for now. I cant wait till tomorrow. working out. Going with my Mom to get her hair done [im so excited for her, she never does anything for herself] then maybe hangout with stephani. and hopefully going to the Classic Case show to see my love Miss Teal.
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Deleted comment

i mean fo real.
who doesnt like my family?
there amazing.