Melissa (melsxc) wrote,

my weekend.

okay so i dont like being busy.
i dont like being rushed.
&&i was all day saturday...ughhh.

i had to work...ewww.

then i went to the mall for something cute to wear to
see my friends band play later that night.
&&for something to wear to dinner with my dad.
Carmen/ Niki/ Emily came to that mall with me.
there tons of fun.but when we're all together
we have ADD x's 6587876.
every time we would trun around we would see someone we knew.
i even saw this guy who worked at Aces.
i love him.hes names Cowboy.
he usually doesnt remember me b/c most of the
time i see him hes ahh DRUNK.
but he rememebered me and even noticed
my septum...and that was real cool.

then i went home got a shower then it was time
for my Sushi date with my dad.
we got there and it was a 30min. wait.
and my dad is very impatient.
so we went to some soul food place.
but it smelled funny so we left.
then we went to the mexican place and had chips and
a then it had been 30min.
so we went back to Sushi 101.
[just so you know we didnt drive all these places;
there all on tate st.]
so at the sushi place we had know clue what to get.
so we just picked something random.
we had some soup, and fish and rice.
it was pretty good.
then we walked to tate st. coffee!!
my favorite coffee place in the world.
my dad had to wait a little while for his so,
he went to the restroom. and i was looking around
and what not then i see this guy Parker.
[i had a crush on him not to long ago]
he came up to me gave a kiss on the was sweet.
&&we talked for a little bit.
thank God my dad was in the restroom my dad would
had bodyslamded him if he saw him kiss me on the cheek.

by then it was 8 ish.
i was late for the show so i just got
my dad to drop me off.he wanted to come in to make sure my friends
where there.he was kinda mad that there was drinking
there but he didnt make that big of a deal about it
b/c he know i dont drink.then walked over to starbucks
where my friends where.and my dad talked to my friends for a little
while.he loves all my friends!
i got i there and all the kids where moshing,
and i hate moshing.i love dancing through.
so after that i was kinda getting in a bad mood.
then i was kinda looking around seeing who all was there.
then i see a beautiful
he was in one of the bands i was there to see.
my friend/6th grade teachers band 7TH METHOD.
his name was Ryan.hes black&white.
has BREADS[i love that] and hes 23.
&&has tattoos.[my dad would love that conbo]
omg he was so beautiful.
i was standing in front of him as he was playing.
and he kept looking at me.
and making was cute.
then as i was leaving the show
he grabed my arm and said "dont i know you from myspace"
uaually i hate it when people ask me that but...
it was okay this time.i didnt remember him.
but i think he was just trying to make
convocation.he asked what my myspace was,
&&he said he would talk to me soon.
ahh.. he was beutiful&he had pretty teeth[ya gotta have pretty teeth]
then as i was talking to him outside he come...
hunter&lil jamie
ewww...i talked to them for a little bit.
they made me mad as usually.
hunter always calls me mean b/c i wont call him.
haha yeah so done with that kid.
then i went home,i couldnt sleep b/c my ears where ringing =[

i love my friends to death there all so amazing.

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