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heres the breakdown.

so tonight was playing on my lj and i saw a post someone left on this christian hXc site.well they where listing all the christian hXc bands that they liked and what not.then this on guy posted a log list and among that list was "He is Legend's 1st cd and nothing after".and it made me start to think about how alot christian's are the 1st to say "oh thats not christian" without even giving something a cant just listen to one song for a few have to sit and meta tate for a while. then you will start to here the symbolism in the music and the Bible. i mean there right He is Legend doesnt look, act, or sound like your "normal" christian band but they are christian. take the line "Cant you feel these dreams" that reminds me of the holy spirit."i think he knows he changed my heart" ugh JESUS. "i've seen the daylight break and freedom never felt so free" ughh salvation. i mean just sit back and listen.

thats all for now.
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